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I am interested in finding out more about it. If anyone can identify the stamp and let me know where it’s from, when it made and if it’s worth anything 4 i’d appreciate it! Thanks in advance This time, my knowledge has failed me. Let’s hope knowledgeable others find this thread and help us out! See comments section below. Hope this works out. Best regards, Peter Admin p.

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When I first started writing this blog, my first post was on my favorite bowls. I love bowls. In that first post, one of the bowls I showed was this one …. And here is the other set I love and will not part with.

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Log in or Sign up. Antiques Board. It’s funny how you can grow an affection towards items you start spending enough time around that previously you never really cared for. Pottery is growing on me. We’ve been dealing a lot in it lately and I know just enough to get myself in trouble. I went to an estate sale today, everything was priced pretty high for resale. I’m in the garage and look down and I see a large mixing bowl.

In past I would have moved on, but I picked it up. Roseville, Ohio is all I see on it. No major chips and no cracks, what the heck Ransbottom out of Roseville, Ohio. It may not be as valuable as Roseville, but there is still a base out there for it. I’ve been trying to date it, everything I see similar has a stamp instead of an engraving. I also can’t figure out the pattern.

Antique Crock Markings

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Robinson Ransbottom PotteryBeige & Yellow Ceramic Pitcher# Measures approximately 7 1/2″ tall x 9 1/2″ wide (handle to Sold Date; Source eBay.

Crocks are one of the hardest produced antiques to identify. Earlier crocks were made by hand, and rarely if ever marked with an official stamp, name, symbol, or signature. Instead, potters would hand paint their works with decorations featuring designs in cobalt blue. There are some manufacturers that stuck with specific patterns during their early years of production; others would only start marking their wares as technology and techniques improved.

Today this can make identifying a piece rather difficult for those of us who are not experts. Even then trying to read and understand these marks can be a challenge all of its own. To help alleviate some of these hassles, we will be going over some of the more popular methods that were used to mark crocks, how to find and identify them, as well as a few of the most recognizable marks.

Vintage Red Wing Morning Glory Cookie Jar NO LID

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From Roseville Pottery in Roseville, Ohio, USA and dating to , this is a great 1 Quart ‘High Jar’ Vintage Roseville Robinson Ransbottom Pottery.

Roseville pottery prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per piece. Manufactured for nearly 70 years, Roseville pottery gained quite a following during the years it was in production. Rather than falling out of favor once production ceased in , its popularity and value only increased. Today, Roseville pottery has become one of the most prized and sought after antique collectibles.

Pieces in good condition can be very valuable on the antique market. You don’t have to spend huge sums of money to collect Roseville pottery. Items that sell for large amounts are the oldest and rarest specimens in mint condition. The amount you have to pay depends on your goals as a collector. If you are determined to own the finest examples of the most hard-to-find pieces, you can expect to pay a premium.

Trade catalogs from Robinson-Ransbottom Pottery Co.

View Larger Image. Synopsis: History of company plus hundreds of photos of the Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Company cookie jars, crocks and jugs, kitchenware, lamp bases, planters, vases, animal feeders, figurals, garden ware and more. Current values with descriptions and dating when possible for all items shown. A complete reference for the collector of this delightful pottery.

This mark, found on a contemporary stoneware crock made by Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Co. of Roseville, Ohio, frequently confuses.

The earthenware pitcher features an embossed image of a woman playing a lyre, flanked by two floral columns. The same image appears on both the front and back. The top and bottom has an embossed diamond-shaped image around the circumference. Although the base is not marked, this is a well known design attributed to Robinson Ransbottom. The large size of this pitcher means that it was likely designed to be a batter jug for making and storing bread and pancake batter.

Condition Some inconsistencies in the glaze during manufacturing. This is not considered damage but is more a reflection of the style of art pottery.

Many Roseville Patterns Reproduced

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Your crock was made by the Ransbottom Brothers Pottery Company of Roseville, Ohio. been made by the Robinson-Ransbottom Pottery Company also of Roseville, Ohio. Anyone happen to know how to date the blue crown mark crocks?

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R. Ransbottom Roseville, Ohio mixing bowl

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With the very ancient and complex history of ceramic Co., circa , marks to ceramic: (W on plinth), Jocko by Robinson Ransbottom, with unusual glaze.

A wide range of reproduction Roseville shapes and patterns have been sold by many reproduction wholesalers. New pieces come in a variety of patterns including early designs like Luffa and Jonquil. There is also a wide range of shapes from a 15″ ewer to sugar and creamer. Like the new 7″ magnolia vase that first appeared in November , all these other new pieces are also made in China. This article covers the patterns, shapes and colors of these particular reproductions plus details on how to separate them from old originals based on marks, decoration and manufacturing details.

Apply the guidelines only to the specific piece being discussed. Do not apply guidelines for one shape to other shapes of the same pattern. Some of the new shapes arranged by pattern appears below. Original shape number given where known. The first reproduction, the Magnolia vase, ” from November , is not listed here.

Antique Robinson Ransbottom Art Pottery Green Pitcher

You have an excellent looking bowl. As attractive as it is, though, looks can be deceiving. Because, as you know from the photos you included with your letter, the bowl is marked very clearly on the bottom. Around the upper curve of its perimeter, it says “R.

You are here: Home / Pottery / Antique Crock Markings how to find and identify them, as well as a few of the most recognizable marks. with Robinson Clay Products in , forming the Robinson-Ransbottom Company.

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There is modest collecting interest in Robinson-Ransbottom pottery

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Trade catalogs from Robinson-Ransbottom Pottery Co. Rewards login The case against If pottery it didn’t rain. Art via Email.

Robinson Ransbottom Pottery of Roseville, OH was in business in one form or another from to Around the Ransbottoms acquired Robinson Pottery and added the name to their company. I am drawn to the salt glaze and the thick, substantial feel of the wares. The brown drip covered casserole above is currently offered in my eBay online store. It was an amazing find as it appears unused. There is no damage, looks like it came from the pottery yesterday. It carries the incised RRP mark, which I believe is older than the stamped marks.

My first encounter with RRP was many years ago when my husband began bringing mugs home from a local craft shop where he delivered for his job. He was drawn to the rugged feel of the mug.

Robinson Ransbottom Pottery 6gal Cooler